project risk tools and techniques

Managing project risks

project and programme riskWe have significant experience in helping individuals, teams and enterprises in managing projects and programme risk more effectively. Our services include:

  • Risk management: providing tools, techniques and advice to ensure that change initiatives are managed within time, cost and quality measures;
  • Readiness and culture assessments: identifying, assessing and advising on the organisational factors that support successful project delivery;
  • Assurance: performing independent reviews and health checks to support those with an oversight role in their organisation’s change agenda; and,
  • Post project reviews: delivered to support the benefit measurement and realisation of projects and programmes.

At Imergo, we recognise that each organisation may need a bespoke approach to reflect their own unique circumstances, challenges and needs. This also includes how we deliver our services, which can be done on site, remotely through video or similar routes, or a combination of these. A customised and flexible approach is at the heart of what we do. We are happy to work with you in designing a way forward that meets your specific requirements.

We know that many organisations do not have the resources or scale to justify or support a fully-fledged project risk and assurance service. As a result, we have developed a tiered, pay-as-you-go approach to meet this need.

Our on-line shop also stocks our project success cards – a resource for anyone who wants to de-mystify projects and make a success of change.