creating intelligent risk data

Creating intelligent risk information

At Imergo, we work with organisations to help them create their own approaches and content for the intelligent creation of risk information. We don’t adopt a boiler plate approach and will design solutions specific to your needs. Our services include:

  • Strategic and emerging risks: traditionally methods for identifying this important aspect of work for an enterprise are of limited value. Imergo works with organisations to find their own, bespoke approach to generate content and knowledge of these risks for future planning and action.
  • Business and operating model risk: Our approach helps identify and assess threats and opportunities in how you work and develop responses in partnership with you to address these areas.
  • Risk knowledge and content creation: Our work with organisations helps them to develop and implement risk knowledge and content that is specific and unique.
  • Risk storytelling: We help organisations make use of organisational narratives that can be collected, curated and presented to provide more understanding, commitment and engagement around risk for their business. More information about this service can be found here.
  • Stakeholder risks: We help you define the uncertainties and opportunities that exist around stakeholder processes and relationships. We work with you to formulate positive actions in response.