INFO:RM – risk management by design

creating intelligent risk contentINFO:RM – 100 questions about risk.

At Imergo we are passionate about improving the quality of how risk is managed. Organisations are looking increasingly at how they go about this and how well they do it; many are being challenged by stakeholders and regulators in how effective their arrangements are for managing risk. INFO:RM is our toolkit to support and enhance the intelligent conversations that already take place amongst your teams and in your boardroom. Its purpose is to help your thought-leaders and decision-makers to ask great questions, to gain better insight and identify areas for development in risk management

Why we believe conversations about risk are important?

The aim of INFO:RM is to get people talking about risk and our approach is unashamedly and unapologetically analogue. It is about bringing people together to meet, discuss and even disagree, before making decisions about the risks that your organisation faces. At Imergo we want to promote the collaboration and sharing of knowledge and ideas to improve the management of risk. Many methods for managing risk adopt a boilerplate approach, resulting in outputs that can look and read just like everyone else’s. We know that each organisation has its own characteristics, aims and needs. INFO:RM provides a structure for you to develop your own approach, content and answers.

Our Our approach is based on meaningful and intelligent discourse using our three principles: insight, ideas and impact.

How can the cards be used?

The short answer to this question is … it’s entirely up to you. However, there are areas that we believe the cards readily lend themselves to: setting policy and direction, aligning risk with strategy; managing talent; identifying responsibilities; or, assessing and improving operational risk processes. The design of the card pack organises the questions into themes and you may want to pick an area to consider a range of issues, or pick a single question to explore in depth – the choice is yours.

If you want to know more, purchase a card deck or request a free trial, please contact us for more details or view our video.