Project Success cards

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A resource for people who want to de-mystify projects and make a success of change.


Our project success pack is for anyone involved in a project. This may mean conventional groups such as project teams and boards, suppliers and users. However, we’ve designed it to help anyone with an interest or commitment to a project to establish ‘what good looks like.’ We also think that it can help those responsible for quality and oversight to build a picture of the ‘health’ of a project. The product consists of 90 cards that provide ideas, prompts and challenges to help deliver project success.

The toolkit promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge about project delivery. We have used our know-how of projects and project management to produce what we consider to be the essential factors of project success. Theories, frameworks or principles are valuable, but ultimately success comes from people working together towards a common, shared goal and purpose. In our experience there can be reliance on ‘process. Whilst this is important, we think that success comes from committed and engaged communities of people working together – enabled and empowered to contribute ideas, opinions and expertise.

We have found that in some project environments it is difficult to articulate what it is needed to provide project success. This can often be because the language used by project professionals can be inaccessible to some of the audiences that will use and benefit from the outputs and outcomes of a project. Or, it may be that starting from scratch, project teams do not know where to begin, or what questions to consider to create better project conditions. Our project success cards adopt a non-technical and principles-based approach that aim to break down these barriers to learning, insight and progress.

The pack also contains guidance and supporting materials that include: performing project reviews and checks; reporting guidance and templates; and worksheets cross-referenced to success criteria and PRINCE 2 themes for different stages of a project.

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