INFO:RM – building risk management capability

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INFO:RM is a toolkit of 100 ideas, prompts and challenges to help organisations to build their risk management capability.


A resource for leaders and managers who need to create tailored and intelligent approaches when organising, resourcing and supporting risk management in their enterprises. It helps them identify what they need to put in place to be more effective. INFO:RM also supports risk professionals and knowledge workers in enhancing their work in managing uncertainty and building a risk intelligent enterprise.

INFO:RM is our toolkit to support and enhance the intelligent conversations that already take place about risk within organisations. It aims to help thought-leaders and decision-makers to ask great questions, gain better insight and identify areas to improve their risk management.

The aim of INFO:RM is to get people talking about risk. Its purpose is to bring people together to meet, discuss and even disagree, before making decisions about the uncertainties that their organisations face. Our toolkit supports and promotes collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and ideas to improve risk management.

Many methods adopt a ‘boiler plate’ approach, resulting in outputs that can look and read just like everyone else’s. At Imergo, we know that each organisation has its own characteristics, aims and needs. INFO:RM provides a structure for you to develop your own approach, content and answers.

The physical version contains a card deck of 100 ideas, prompts and challenges about risk for your organisation. This is supported by a 60-page guide that includes facilitator and coaching notes; suggested key performance indicators; a comprehensive risk glossary; and indicative skills and experience levels for staff in developing their capacity and capability for managing risk.

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Coaching notes/facilitator guide

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