Elements of risk wallchart

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A resource for leaders and managers who want to understand and address causes – as well as the effects – of risk.

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Our wallchart to help make sense of the things that drive organisational risk and manage its causes. It helps to identify, understand and anticipate the elements of risk in operational situations so that working in conditions of uncertainty can be managed more effectively.

Operational risk remains a real challenge and opportunity for organisations but there are too few tools available to support this work well. This can result in ‘tick-box thinking’: the desire to quantify areas that are difficult and subjective to measure, or the danger of relying on single sources of evidence and information. Risk never happens in isolation and there are often multiple factors involved in the emergence and management of uncertain events.

This resource recognises that there are many aspects to risk that can be identified and managed. We do not believe in getting hung up on the making risk fit into a some arbitrarily derived numeric value. It’s better to generate content and debate through the prompts and ideas that our wallchart contains as a basis for identification, assessment and improvement.

This resource is for anyone involved in managing and delivering operations where risk and uncertainty may exist. However, we see its use as being wider, for example, to help other interested and invested parties establish ‘what good looks like,’ or to help those responsible for quality and oversight to formulate an approach that provides an ongoing picture of risk in their organisation’s work.

The smaller sized versions of this product – paper sizes A3 and A4 – are available in pop-out map format folding up into paper/card sizes of A5 and A6 respectively.

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